A very busy Summer

Marc Thomas, Journalist

What an incredible Summer we just had. Besides the weather which was beyond compare, it was my best ever Summer for work.

Usually, like the French, business people of all kinds leave their every days behind for the months of July and August. However, this year, I’ve seen more work than I ever have during those usually quiet months.

Handy it was! Especially as my wife and I just bought our first house.

A new book

I started off by submitting the manuscript for a book (Connected: The Power of Modern Communities) that I wrote with Hannah Waldram and Ed Walker about community. It’s a book that asks the question: “What does Barack Obama’s re-election campaign have in common with a dusty box of black and white photographs found in a Cardiff studio?” 

It was a pleasure to write and contains interviews with all kind of people from local photographers to Erik Martin (one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2011) and also the chief technology officer on Obama’s reelection campaign).

If that interests you, you can buy it here from The Guardian (the publisher of the book).

A new client (or two)

I’ve also spent the Summer working with several new clients. I cannot wait to tell you about both of them but I can only tell you about the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama who brought me in to work on the blog of the first ever British edition of World Stage Design.

The festival was absolutely mind-blowing with too many nations to count being represented. I got the chance to interview in several languages and work with different media including video, audio and photographic as well as that comfortable old friend, the written word.

For more info on that, click here

I will be able to tell you about the second new client very soon.

A new publication

One rainy night in September, I got to do my first assignment for NME who are one of the clients on my list of people to work for. The review appeared as part of the RADAR section of the magazine which highlights the emergence of new music. Very exciting.

That’s probably enough

Of course, the last few months have been jam packed with all of the other work which I usually do: design for a few people, work on CSAD Magazine, organising Welsh Music Prize as well as some other client work.

Now that it’s coming to an end, I’m both looking for new clients and a week off. If you have any exciting projects or want to build a community around your brand, we should talk.

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