An audio history of zines in Cardiff

Happy Friday! I know that I’m looking forward to the weekend and a week off following it. I’ve been working pretty much flat out since June this year and took on about 3x the amount of work that I would normally allow myself to do.

It was lovely, then, to do something purely for the fun of pursuing an interest: recording a radio report on the history of music zines in Cardiff.

I’ve been wanting to do some kind of project based around Welsh zines for almost a year now and the launch of Swn Festival radio last week seemed like a good chance to start off somewhere. I spoke with Bethan Elfyn, David Owens and Mark Daman Thomas (thank goodness he recently added that Daman into his name).

I’m hoping to turn this into some kind of book – perhaps a lovely art book – but until I can work out how to do that, I’ll leave you with three short audio reports on the history and future of music zines in Cardiff.