Cardiff University School of Medicine

Cardiff University’s Department of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Critical Care Medicine recently asked me to profile several of their staff to supplement the shorter bursts of information that are being written for their course blog.

This is one of the first times that I have worked in the medical/clinical sector but adapting to it was a lovely experience.

For the first batch of profiles, I wrote about: Cristina Diaz-Navarro – a consultant anaesthetist from Spain, Jeff Clarke – a young engineer who is testing the anaesthetic products of the future, Danielle Huckle – the lady responsible for one of the best collections of anaesthetic artefacts in the UK, and Sharon Norman – a business minded lecturer who continues to pioneer e-learning at the Department.

It’s been such an interesting project to work on.

Professor Judith Hall said: Recently Marc started a staff biography project for my academic department. To be honest it has been great fun, as he hasn’t just produced the usual staff bios. Marc has written something a lot more personal and reflective. People have enjoyed the process and I’ve put the bios on our Cardiff University blog. The project is working out really well and I’m pleased that Marc has reflected the diverse and vibrant nature of the department.  

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