Cut the cords

I wrote this guide for people who feel like they’re stuck in their situation without the ability to do what they really want. Life is short: change something.

Here’s a link. 

Here’s an extract:

I’ve always been fascinated by work. I am in the fortunate position of not caring too much about my income. I have a mortgage and a few loan repayments to take care of, but I am relatively unattached financially.

But I’m fascinated by how people work and why they work and whether they’re happy or not.

My all time favourite question to ask people about this is: what would you do if anything was possible?

It doesn’t take people very long to answer at all, most of the time.

I’d open a florist. I’d teach kids to kayak. I’d go to Paris and learn to make patisserie. I’d start a charity to help developing countries manage legal disputes.


I always think.


People have brilliant ideas. They have a goal.

And then comes the worst thing ever:

But I can’t do it. I’m kind of stuck to my job