Jeremy Leslie feature on The Industry Faces

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy Leslie, one of the best known names in the magazine industry in the UK and Western Europe, for my new project, The Industry Faces.

In our interview, Leslie speaks about his 25+ years of experience in the magazine industry as well as his current view of what is happening in the magazine world. He speaks extensively about the challenges that are presented by the dawn of a digital era and the dangers of looking back at the previous ‘golden age’ decades with rose tinted glasses.

“You need to see it in perspective: people talk about the 60s being a golden age for magazines and they can list all the examples, but they tend to list all of the same examples,” he says. “That’s not to render them irrelevant – they remain great examples – but there were loads more magazines at the time and they weren’t all very good. It’s very easy to look back through rose-tinted glasses.”

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