Using an existing theme vs a custom build

You may have noticed I have not once brought up the question of whether the website is built using custom design or with a pre-built distributed WordPress theme.

Websites cost money for many reasons beyond the base styles.

Yes, custom design costs more than pre-built themes — until you try to add functionality to or modify the way something works in a template. Then you want to cry and run into a hole and pity yourself for having charged less money for using a pre-built theme.

For small sites, the question of custom vs pre-built themes is a big one. As the site gets bigger and more complex, the savings for using a pre-built theme are far less and can easily invert.

In short: clients shouldn’t get too excited about the potential cost savings of pre-built themes and consultants should be careful about charging less for them.

Fully agree. Taken from this excellent post over on the Post Status blog.