Zero K — Don DeLillo

I didn’t really like Americana when I read that last year. It started out so well and degenerated. But I appreciate when a writer is able to change subjects easily.

So I gave Zero K by Don DELILLO a go recently.

I’m pretty sure it was a bad choice. But I’m still not entirely sure. I didn’t enjoy reading it – but there were moments where I think that I just wasn’t getting it.

DELILLO’s latest is set in the future (maybe) and is about being cryogenically frozen until cures for death can be found (maybe). It is sort of playful and serious at the same time.

There are profound chapters on death and then there is drivel. Someone told me that their friend said this was a senile man writing. I don’t think that’s true or fair.

Maybe I’m the wrong audience? But after I read the book, I couldn’t stop hearing in my head: “Define coat hanger. Define rock.” And I smiled every time I did.