No guru, no method, no teacher

When you’re dealing with a difficult situation, it’s easy to get lost and to start looking for the well recognised way out.

If you’re running a business, for example, and things aren’t going too well, it’s easy to look at it and say: well, my sales system’s not working, but the way to solve that problem is to make more sales.

It’s probably true. But it’s also complete insanity to approach life that way.

What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, simply doing more of that won’t improve things.

But there’s no rule book for life. Your situation is entirely unique. There are lots of people who have done similar things to you. But none of them has been you in your moment; in your skill set; in your desires; in your fears.

Change your circumstances in whatever way you feel is possible. If people tell you that you cannot do something, you don’t need to listen to them. They have never been you.

There is no guru, there is no method, there is no teacher.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash